Statutory Audit Services & Assurance

The businesses worldwide are changing rapidly, together with dynamic laws, regulations and economic environment. This places significant importance to statutory audits under various statutes, especially audits mandated under corporate and tax laws. Various statutes demand extensive disclosures that require detailed analysis of the Financial Statements of the organizations on an independent basis. We, at PJC, ensure that the Financial Statements are analyzed after proper understanding of the business and market factors affecting the organization and the audit approach is customized to suit the client needs. Our statutory audit services extend beyond the conventional financial reporting function. We believe that audit must not restrict itself to review historical data; it must also provide reasonable information about impending risks.

While the objective remains the same, i.e. to assure stakeholders with regard to the fairness of financials, the approach and methodology needs to be customized for different industries and business models. During the last several decades of its service, PJC has served the full spectrum of the industry, be it manufacturing, infrastructure, power, retail, telecom, FMCG or IT services. Our statutory audit services in relation to assurance include financial due diligence, which would be carried out at the instance of the potential investor while acquisition


  • Under the Companies Ac
  • Under Income Tax Act
  • Under IFRS applicable to different countries
  • Under other regulatory and tax statutes
  • Overseas subsidiaries of Indian companies


  • Under Government directions
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Business Valuations
  • Share Exchange Ratios
  • Issuing Comfort Letters & Arrangement Letters for Indian/foreign listings

Top Audit Firm in Mumbai

We are one of the Top Audit Firms in Mumbai has several clients which are Subsidiaries, Associates or Joint Ventures of Multinational Corporations. The foreign holding companies originate from across the globe, including United States of America, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and so forth. Many of these companies require us to provide our statutory audit services and assurance with respect to restated financial statements in terms of global reporting packages by applying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP) in their respective country.

A large number of our clientele have Integrated ERP packages which are used for the financial and other reporting purposes. Our experience of auditing them ranges from pre-ERP to post-ERP stage, including the most critical stage of the initial period of ERP implementation.

The projects handled by PJC not only include the due diligence of Indian companies but it has also led multi-country teams doing due diligence process of foreign companies as a part of the acquisition. PJC has provided statutory audit services in this regard to business houses based in USA, Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, and so forth.

PJC carries out assignments of convergence of financial statements with IFRS, including assessment of the full impact of switchover to IFRS, development of detailed implementation program, training, the transformation of the accounting process, ERP related changes and preparation of financial statements under IFRS. The clients include Indian companies that require convergence as a part of compliance and foreign companies requiring a restatement of financials under IFRS for global consolidation.